Time Stamped Show Notes

[1:45] - Applying time management to work on both his bodybuilding and his medical career 

[3:40] - Using exercise to enhance his performance at medical school 

[5:15] - Defining clarity and how Lenny optimizes clarity at the gym to improve his work at medical school

[7:40] - Lenny's observation of brain degeneration from unhealthy habits in his radiology scans[9:30] - Lenny’s experience and academic insights on alcohol on his physical and cognitive performance

[13:15] - The challenges to modern healthcare and what we should do to change it

[21:30] - Lenny shares his perspective on how we can change America being “too sick” and alleviate the 2 trillion dollar burden[24:00] - How we can help others change their mindset to make America more healthy?

[26:00] - How do people reach the state of no return and what you can do when you’re there?

[29:30] - The first step to do, from a medical standpoint, to do when you’re in a rut

[31:50] - How does Lenny eat to reach his bodybuilding and medical school goals and one of his most successful strategies?

[35:30] - Lenny shares his own macro ratio he uses to reach his bodybuilding goals

[37:10] - Lenny’s peak performance protocol

[40:00] - “It’s easier when you have a clear goal and once you reach your goal - set another one” 

[41:00] - Lenny roasts Neal

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