4 Steps To Start a Diet...Once and For ALL!

4 Steps To Start a Diet...Once and For ALL!

That’s it. You’ve had it. You want to start a diet and you’re going to do it NOW. But wait… did your roommate just order pizza? Did your boyfriend walk in with his mom’s home-baked chocolate chip cookies?

…One more cookie can’t hurt. Plus, it’s been this long. I can wait till tomorrow, or Monday to start my diet. Right?

Wrong. “A goal without a date is a dream,” said a wise man named Milton Erickson. He’s irrelevant, but his point is not. So let’s get those weight loss goals set, or lets pick a date for that half-marathon you want to run, and let’s understand what goes into dialing it in for one of the most important components to achieving your goals: dieting.

If you want to make a real dent in your goals, you need to understand that controlling your energy input (food) is a key contributor.  Everyone struggles with dieting; this isn’t a personal problem. Let’s be real. Food is amazing. Your diet does not have to be restrictive of your favorite foods.  Disagree? Well, I have good news for you. With these tips, starting a diet is easier than you think…

1) PREPARATION is Critical.

At the start of your diet, if your fridge is bare, and so is your wallet, then you’re going to fail, fast.  You’ll starve all day and then eat the first thing you see, and a lot of it. Be prepared for your diet, so you can’t say, “I’ll just start tomorrow.” Tomorrow will turn into the next day… the next day will turn into next week. If you really like fresh starts on a Monday, then fine. This Sunday, hit the nearest grocery store. Stock your fridge and fill your cabinets. No more excuses, your diet starts now.

2) Know How to Fuel Your Body: Understand what Micro & Macro-nutrients YOU Need.

It’s okay to eat a cookie and you don’t need to eat a salad at every meal. Severely restricting your food intake will leave you discouraged and malnourished.  Eating is a way to fuel your body.  Focus on fueling your body with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins.  These foods provide essential micro- and macronutrients; add them to your grocery list, NOT processed foods that claim to be diet friendly.  A wide variety of healthy, delicious meals come from these basic ingredients and you can find easy meal ideas online.

3) Accountability is KEY: Tell Your Friends and Family.

Your friends and family will be your support group.  Tell the people close to you that you’re serious about starting a diet. It will be easier to stay on track if friends and family aren’t tempting you with desserts and cocktails.   Indulging in cravings and going out for drinks will have to be limited if you want to make healthier choices.  Your self-control will improve later, but take preventative action now.  Ask your friends and family to be respectful of your new eating habits

4) Portion Control

If you haven’t already, obtain a set of measuring cups and/or food scale to determine how much of a food you should eat. Portion control will promote satiety and help combat cravings. It is not just about what you eat, but it is also about how much you eat.

For any questions, or want to dig deeper and get more specific for you, send us an email or go to our contact us page.

NOW, you’re ready to start your diet. 


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