Time Stamped Show Notes

[0:50] Pranoy decides to leave medical school to start scaling his tutoring business 

[3:54] The challenges of our current primary school system

[5:15] Pranoy dives into his strategies for learning optimally

[6:30] Pranoy’s approach to successful time-management to maximize learning

[7:40] How Pranoy applies cross-domain learning to make facts stick

[9:15] The challenges of a static curriculum and what we should do about it

[11:40] The importance of individualized solutions, student-directed learning

[14:10] Why we need to invest in our teachers and empower our teachers to find ‘the why’

[16:35] How to learn something sustainably and retrieve and apply it over a long period of time

[20:20] How would Pranoy approach learning how to weight train

[22:15] Why strategy is so important for testing, especially standardize testing

[27:10] The biggest mistakes Pranoy observes when learning anything new

[29:45] Pranoy’s advice on learning multiple, complex skills at the same time

[33:00] “Find your American Dream”

[33:45] Pranoy roasts Neal

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