6 Benefits of Sulbutiamine: The upgraded Vitamin B1

6 Benefits of Sulbutiamine: The upgraded Vitamin B1

Sulbutiamine was originally created to cure thiamine deficiency, but today it does much more than that, and we are thankful for its existence. This fat-soluble supplement stands on our side and fights various health issues and helps us to maintain our good well-being. Today, we will discuss everything that you need to know about Sulbutiamine and its beneficial effects.

Overview of Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is basically an upgraded version of the Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). It is a synthetic, man-made version of the Vitamin B1, made by binding two Vitamin B1 molecules together. Unlike the normal Vitamin B1, which is only soluble in water, the Sulbutiamine is only soluble in fat which makes it easier for it to pass the blood-brain barrier and to supply your brain with the Vitamin B1 that your brain requires.

Sulbutiamine has first appeared back in the 1960s, as a result of the efforts of the Japanese scientists to find a fix for the thiamine deficiency that their population was facing. And guess what? Sulbutiamine answered their prayers and did everything that they hoped for and much more!  

How Does it Work?

Sulbutiamine works in a few ways. After entering the blood-brain barrier, Sulbutiamine increases the levels of thiamine in the brain, preventing any sign of thiamine deficiency to occur. But Sulbutiamine also contributes to the production of an enzyme known as PDH which is responsible for the production of acetylcholine. It is also responsible for the production of myelin, making sure that the brain signals are received and sent without a problem.

What are the Benefits?

Luckily for us, Sulbutiamine has more than enough beneficial effects to offer us. That is why Sulbutiamine has been used for decades now to treat various different health issues and to improve the patient’s wellbeing in just a few days of treatment with Sulbutiamine! In the following, we will discuss some of the biggest beneficial effects that Sulbutiamine has to offer.

  • 1. Stimulatory Effects to Benefit Athletic Performance

  • Sulbutiamine is able to increase the energy levels, improve the mood, increase the levels of focus and motivation and lower the fatigue among its recipients, making it the perfect supplement to be taken when athletic performance needs to be increased. Athletes everywhere have already had their positive experience using Sulbutiamine and have their great results to show for it.

  • 2. Prevents or Improves Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is suggested to be the most common sexual disorder among men. It has been estimated that every single man will experience the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction at some point in his life. Erectile dysfunction prevents the man from achieving a healthy and strong erection during the sexual intercourse, causing depression and anxiety to develop. The treatment consists of determining the root of the problem – stress, depression, low testosterone levels, prostate cancer, etc. and by eliminating the problem itself, the symptoms are eliminated with time as well.

    A research investigated the effects of Sulbutiamine in patients diagnosed with Erectile dysfunction. The research showed that after using Sulbutiamine for 30 days, 16 patients experienced an improvement of the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction, all of which were cases of Erectile dysfunction caused by psychological problems.

  • 3. Increases Memory

  • Sulbutiamine has shown good results in improving the memory of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease when used in combination with donepezil – a commonly used medication to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

    Research also showed Sulbutiamine being able to improve long-term memory in mice, however, more research on the topic is required.

  • 4. Increases Energy

  • The original idea when creating Sulbutiamine was to create a drug that was able to fight fatigue, especially the one caused by infection. And that is what we have now with Sulbutiamine. A study published in 1999 showed that Sulbutiamine is more effective in the fight against fatigue and improving the energy levels in patients than the placebo treatment. This is only one of the many scientific researchers found online which serve as a proof of the beneficial effects of Sulbutiamine.

  • 5. Improves Mood

  • Sulbutiamine is also considered to be able to improve a patient’s mood by relieving anxiety and stress. The patients have reported feeling happier and healthier during their treatment with Sulbutiamine, making Sulbutiamine a good choice for anyone who looks for a healthy way to improve their mood and lower the anxiety and stress levels.

  • 6. Increases Feelings of Focus and Motivation

  • By increasing the dopamine and glutamate levels in the brain, Sulbutiamine works to improve the patient's focus and motivation. Sulbutiamine has also been described to cause feelings of euphoria, good mood, focus, and confidence just a few minutes after its use.

    Suggested Dosages

    Unfortunately, due to the lack of scientific research, the optimal dosage for Sulbutiamine is yet to be determined. This is a rather complicated process in which many different factors such as the age, sex, wellbeing, medical history and diagnosis of the patient take place. Different authors recommend Sulbutiamine to be taken around 2-3 times a day, with 200-600mg/day being the optimal dosage. Your doctor is the only one that can determine your optimal dosage, and you should always respect his/her decision and take Sulbutiamine as instructed.

    Possible Side-effects

    Every drug can cause side-effects to develop and so does Sulbutiamine as well. However, Sulbutiamine is considered quite safe to be used, with little to no possible side-effects when taken as instructed. Side-effects that patients have reported to experience are:

    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Tiredness
    • Sleep problems (mostly insomnia)
    • Mild skin allergies

    These side-effects have been noticed to develop more often among patients who are using other medications at the moment as well. Patients who are receiving other medications at the moment should always remind their doctor about their medical history and current treatment plans. That is because Sulbutiamine might not be compatible with the medication that you are using at the moment. Due to the lack of scientific research, this drug is not recommended to be used by breastfeeding women and pregnant women. Patients with psychiatric problems must use Sulbutiamine with extreme caution. Sulbutiamine is not recommended to be used in combination with bipolar disorder medications, and that is not all – it has been known for patients with bipolar disorder to develop an addiction to Sulbutiamine.

    Overall Summary

    Sulbutiamine is the perfect replacement for thiamine whenever you are experiencing a thiamine deficiency, or you wish to enhance your athletic performance, reduce your fatigue, stress and anxiety levels. Sulbutiamine has been reported to cause very few to no side effects while it improves your memory, mood, athletic performance and even help men with their Erectile dysfunction problems in just a few days after treatment has started!


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