The Powerful Link Between Posture and Mood

The Powerful Link Between Posture and Mood


Good Posture = Good Mood.

Do you want to feel confident & empowered? To be proud of who you are & how far you’ve come? To look in the mirror & be happy? These are feelings I experience on a regular basis. It wasn't always this way. I know what it’s like to feel the opposite, and now after achieving the feelings above, I know what it takes to get there. I am my own science experiment, fitness themed, obviously. Everything I know about fitness is because I have my own experience to support the science. I understand, everyone is different, but humans can be understood scientifically.  So, if you’ve been searching for a way to improve your mood, I have the answer. There is a powerful link between proper biomechanics and being happy… In other words, good posture equals good mood.

Lifestyle Habits = Muscle Imbalances = Poor Posture.

Your spine is aligned the way it is because your muscles are holding it that way.  Poor posture stems from muscle imbalances, caused by lifestyle habits.  Some habits include:

  • Slouching
  • Wearing high heels
  • Holding heavy bags
  • Looking down at your phone
  • Leaning on objects or one leg

The examples are endless. Take the first step, notice these habits and actively avoid them.  Practice holding perfect posture. Ever heard of a power pose? Holding a power pose, AKA standing straight and tall, will empower you and increase confidence, two feelings that are guaranteed to put you in a better mood.

Training Your Muscles = Proper Biomechanics = Better Mood

Do your shoulders pull forward? Are your hips pushed out behind you? These are muscle imbalances, meaning muscles on one side of the body are stronger than the other side, pulling your spine out of alignment. Good news is you can train your muscles to hold perfect posture without thinking about it.  I like to call this “finding your center of gravity,” because you are achieving muscular balance. Better news is that this physical balance will transfer to mental balance. It’ harder to put yourself down when you’re standing so tall.

Healthy Body = Happy Mind.

Yoga, resistance training, and balance and core exercises are some methods to align your muscles. As you practice these, you will improve your posture and mood. Perfect posture directly improves confidence and self-esteem, but the efforts taken to improve posture will change your life in ways you would never imagine. Along with perfect posture, you will gain strength, power, a sense of accomplishment.  You’ll notice that daily movements seem a lot easier. You don’t need someone to lift that heavy box because you can lift it yourself. Your back doesn’t hurt at your desk chair because you trained your muscles to sit correctly. When you stand tall, no one can put you down because you realize how capable you are of anything and everything. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.  Challenge yourself to stand tall, to achieve a goal, to empower yourself.  Then, not only will you believe me, but you will believe in yourself. And that is happiness.

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