Ways To Effectively Grow a Bigger Butt

Whether you questioned why you were attracted to this feature or you kind of just accepted and enjoyed the visual appeal that this feature provides, biological reasons do exist for your inclinations to just squeeze. Sexologist Alfred Kind suggested that the buttock is the primary sexual presentation site in primates. When a female has developed glutes, it indicates fertility, health, and a feminine hormonal balance due to the fact that estrogen levels are high in glutes, leading to the accumulation of fat tissue. 
A very common goal that a lot of my clients express to me, particularly females is the desire to get a bigger butt. This request has increased rapidly over the course of the past two years; my intuition as to why this phenomenon occurs is due to the excessive amount of booty selfies (belfies) on Instagram. I’m not kidding.

The influence that social media has had in inspiring people to commit to the fitness lifestyle is remarkable and a very positive consequence of this disruptive technology. Of course, sex sells, and vanity is prevalent in both the fitness industry and social media. Because social media is very much centered around validation and sex sells, posting fitness related content is more common and socially accepted than it ever was before. It literally makes sense to post a picture of your butt. Pictures of my butt coming out soon. Lol jk, not happening bruh.

Regardless of whether you are trying to get more likes than your sister, (Kim, Kylie’s catching up) trying to fill out some denim, look better for a significant other, or have really striated raisin looking glutes for a bodybuilding competition, I am here to help. Let’s start by listing four reasons as to why one remains a pancake ass. There may be more, but these are the four most common that I observe.

So what should you do address these issues?

Glute Exercises to Incorporate: Effective thigh-extending exercises:

Barbell, dumbbell, and machine squatSingle and double-leg leg press on devices that allow for full thigh extensionBarbell, dumbbell, and machine lungeBarbell or dumbbell One-leg split squatStiff-leg and Romanian deadliftGlute/hamstring raiseGlute presses on an appropriate deviceMulti-hip machine thigh extension

Effective thigh abducting and exercises:

Seated hip abduction machine

Multi-hip machine thigh abduction

Low pulley thigh abduction