Time Stamped Show Notes

[1:50] Tim’s most recent success in bodybuilding prep

 [4:05] Who is a typical personal training or bodybuilding coaching client

[6:43] The real challenge with fad diets like the ketogenic diet

 [10:30] Why “everyone is different” just doesn’t cut it as an excuse 

[11:20] What is a go-to principle Tim applies at the very least 

[11:40] How does Tim English evaluate diets on a high level 

[13:20] How to apply a caloric deficit correctly to maximize results that many people overlook 

[15:45] The science of why more isn’t always better 

[19:25] The dangers of social media to your weight loss goals

 [23:30] How to play defense against a plethora of wrong information, especially on social media 

[25:00] The most immutable principles of fat loss you can take advantage of right now 

[26:00] Surprising overlooked stress mitigators that can make our break your weight loss program 

[29:00] One key piece of advice for controlling your blood sugar 

[31:00] Why knowing your motivation for following through a weight loss matters (hint: it’s not the weight loss) 

[33:00] Why you need to be careful with IIFYM

 [34:00] The challenge of moderation, balance and cheat meals

 [38:20] What’s the first step to making the leap 

[42:00] Listen to Tim roast Neal

Mentioned Resources

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Trimming the Fat eCourse - Science based Fat-Loss Education featuring a pocket personal trainer, resources, trackers and guides.

@everycaloriecounts - Find Tim and his team on Instagram 

EveryCalorieCounts1@gmail.com - Contact Tim via email for a chance to get one on one nutritional guidance