No more doom scrolling, procrastinating, or getting distracted. 

See why 100,000s use QUANTUMiND to get into a hyper focused "flow" at will, without jitters, side effects, or withdrawals

Expand your ability to hyperfocus

Increase your verbal fluency and memory recall

Rebalance motivation, focus and drive

Reduce anxiety hormones and prevent cognitive decline

No withdrawals, side effects or tolerance-building

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“I’ve been staring at this wall for 6 hours trying to figure out

how to start a task that should have taken 30 minutes”

If you (or someone close to you) is getting absolutely crushed by life because of the inability to focus and:

Have to take meds to

fix your “broken brain”

Can’t focus for more than 5 minutes at a time

Feel stifled by the inability to translate thoughts into words


your own head

Experiences chronic overwhelm at an ever-growing to-do list

Struggles to stay consistent on commitments

Constantly shows up late, loses things, and

You’re not alone. 20% of Americans report feeling serious anxiety and overwhelm while a staggering 50% report 

they have trouble concentrating...

Sadly, doctors hand out harmful prescriptions like candy...

It’s hard enough to function in a neurotypical society that expects you to be focused like a factory robot. But for many who are prescribed medication, the unwanted side effects are even worse.

Headaches and dizziness

Insomnia and sleep difficulties

Anxiety and panic attacks

Fatigue and lethargy

“I had to find an alternative or risk losing my life again.”

“At first, the prescriptions were a godsend. It give me insane productivity and I could focus for hours.

But when the withdrawals hit me like a freight train out of nowhere… The panic attacks, anxiety, and jitters dragged me down a spiral that took me 7 years to climb out of.

It got so bad, my girlfriend at the time left me because I was too afraid to see her and and often couldn’t get “it” up. Days later, I lost my job for being too terrified to speak to clients.

The thing was, I wasn’t particularly shy. But whenever the effects would wear off, my mind would spiral into a jittered state of panic making it impossible to do anything but lie there, waiting for all of it to pass.

But that wasn’t even the worst part. Because I became used to my prescribed dosages, I had to take more and more each time to feel effects. As you can likely attest to yourself, the more I took, the worse the withdrawals became.

Right when I thought I hit rock bottom and had nothing more to lose, I overdosed and my world went black.

I had to find an alternative or risk losing my life again.”

Neal Thakkar, Founder & CEO of Evolvere

That’s why 100,000s are taking this naturally-derived pill instead

Because not only have the ingredients inside been shown to help facilitate hyperfocus…

But 100,000s are saying it’s the only thing that gets them to sit down for hours at a time and get

things done, even when their meds didn’t.

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20-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t get back to just feeling like 

yourself… But 150% yourself.

With key ingredient stacks like

Green tea extract, L-theanine and Shilajit

Help boost cellular energy to reduce feelings of sluggishness and lethargy without compromising on sleep quality

Panax ginseng, N-acetyl L-carnitine and Alpha GPC

Help increase verbal fluency and memory recall to help alleviate that “stuck in my head” feeling

Phenylethylamine HCL and L-Tyrosine

Help naturally rebalance serotonin and dopamine levels to rediscover your motivation, focus and drive

And the best part? It doesn’t have any side effects and doesn’t develop tolerance.

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