Ex-insomniac creates natural sleep-aid after Xanax sends him to ICU

Now 1,000s left furious as it keeps selling out. Here’s what’s inside:

Hi, I’m Neal.

And this is my tiger, Leo.

I used to be just like you:

The insomniac devoid of all hope. 

😴 Craving sleep every day like zombies crave brain.

😵‍💫 But unable to find the “off” switch to my overthinking, useless brain at night.

Anything above 3 hours of half sleeping, half contemplating my life choices was an epic win.

In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I had a full, undisturbed sleep where my thoughts weren’t spinning in regret and crushing anxiety.

0 stars out of 5. Would not recommend it but to my worst enemies. 

And even then… 

Luckily, this story doesn’t end in sorrow, pity and death. 

If you’re one of the millions of insomniacs in this country, there is hope.

The one thing I have to thank for 12 months of sleepless nights (literally) is the creation of an all-natural formula that today gets even the most chronic insomniacs drooling on their pillows before they’ve had the chance to brush their teeth. 

The secret? All-natural ingredients. Straight from the womb of mother nature.

But unlike Xanax and other dangerous sleep meds, the only addictive thing about it is its sugar-free peach mango flavor that’ll have you craving it all day.

(After all, there’s a reason it sold out 4 times.)

And if you keep reading, I’ll show you how to get your hands on it for a fraction of the price and completely risk-free.

As long as you promise not to share the link with the thousands furiously DMing me to release another batch. 

Why? I used to be the poster boy for:

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Little did I know I was bringing death upon myself a hell of a lot quicker.

But as the CEO of a fast-growing startup, I had a team, customers and partners relying on me to make it happen.

Let alone my regular dose of the world’s best cortisol-boosting cocktail featuring: 

Payroll, KPIs and customer complaints.

So I just accepted my fate and sucked up the “4-hour naps” I managed to squeeze in.

Until I couldn’t. 

The signs of sleep deprivation were engraving themselves in my biology like a pink forehead tattoo.

I started gaining stubborn fat (30 extra pounds in total).

I was losing my hair faster than my cat was.

I was getting sick ALL the time.

I started looking like dudes 15-20 years older than me.

I was forgetting everything: meetings, commitments, my keys. 

My balls were noticeably shrinking in size (don’t ask how I found this out).

And that’s not counting the wrinkles, bags and dark spots that were calling my face their home.

It was only on the final straw - when my girlfriend dumped me because I couldn’t get it up anymore - that I knew this had to end. 

So I turned to what every responsible American would do when in need of unbiased, agenda-free information: doctors.

That day, I walked home with a heart full of hope and America’s most addictive prescription drug:


At first, it worked great.

It did exactly what they said it would: Knock me out.

But it also dragged my energy, vitality, and charisma along with it.

I was finally able to sleep but at the cost of everything else…

Pounding headaches and rebound anxiety dragged me down a spiral that took me years to get out of.

Right before I thought I was more hopeless than Biden’s presidency…

A seizure hit me and my world went black.

I woke up the next day in an ICU, facing the same doctor that had prescribed Xanax to me like it was candy.

The scene was literally like from a movie.

“You have two choices, Neal” the doc said. 

“You can either keep neglecting your sleep…"

"And watch your risk of cancer, heart disease and inflammation DOUBLE”, he continued.

“Or you can take your stress into your own hands and start giving your body the rest it needs.”

I was furious. Was this doctor literally telling me that to fix my sleep deprivation, I had to start sleeping?

But what he said next explained everything.

He called it the insomniac’s wheel of doom:

Which held the missing piece to ENDING my insomnia for good.

Here’s how it goes: It’s not just about sleeping better.

You see, good sleep starts with how you manage stress during the day. This can be measured by your stress hormone, cortisol.

When your body produces too much cortisol during the day, it struggles to produce enough melatonin to help you fall asleep at night.

As a result, your body isn’t able to spend enough time in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is the phase when your body recovers the most.

Science aside - where it gets gnarly is what happens to your body when it wakes up.

Because it didn’t get the recovery it needed during the night, you go about your day incredibly low on energy. As a result…

Your body NOW relies on cortisol instead of its natural metabolic function.

And just like a coke junkie, you need more and more to complete the most basic tasks.

This only worsens your body’s ability to produce melatonin at night once again.

This is exactly why it’s so hard to break free from insomnia. Because it’s not just about falling asleep and staying asleep.

It’s about fixing all 3 broken systems at once:

1. Helping your body produce melatonin naturally at night

2. Increasing your REM sleep

3. So you can wake up with natural energy that keeps your cortisol low

And while all this doctor was good at was getting me another Xanax prescription…

He left me with all I needed to know. If what he said was true, could there be a natural way to help fix all 3 systems at once?

I did the unthinkable, and decided to make my own natural sleep aid.

One that would:

1. Help my body produce melatonin naturally

2. Deepen my REM sleep

3. Allow me to wake up feeling refreshed I didn’t know where to start

So I again went to the top: I consulted the best neuroscientists, nutritionists, and academics I could get my hands on.

And spent close to 12 sleepless months going through research paper after research paper to find the ingredients that would help me achieve my goal.

I found natural ingredients that help you produce melatonin naturally… As opposed to pounding it with melatonin.

Like Phosphatidylserine, L-ornithine, Vitamin B6 and L-tryptophan.

Not only do these ingredients regulate your natural sleep-wake cycle by boosting natural melatonin, they also boost morning serotonin, helping you wake up feeling fresh, energized and ready to start your day.

The problem with most heavy-melatonin products?

They’ll work for the first night, but as your body gets used to the dose it’ll stop producing melatonin naturally.

Over time, this could rewire your body’s supply and prevent you from ever being able to fall asleep again without a melatonin supplement!

I found others that would help deepen my REM sleep naturally.

Like 5-HTP, Magnesium Glycinate, GABA, Sea Salt and Potassium Chloride.

These ingredients work synergistically to activate your parasympathetic, “rest and digest” nervous system and an alpha brainwave state, helping to relax the tension in your muscles and silence the racing thoughts in your mind.

They bring you into the state of deep relaxation you need to be able to enter REM sleep.

Feeling irritable, on edge, constantly drowsy and slow-minded are all signs of too little REM sleep.

And lastly, I found natural superfoods that would help me wake up feeling refreshed.

Like Creatine Monohydrate, Huperzine A and Calcium Potassium Phosphate Nitrate.

By increasing acetylcholine and ATP production, these ingredients move you into a state of laser-sharp focus, crystal-clear concentration and hard-charging ambition during the day.

You wake up switched on, and trust me, you stay on.

As you can imagine, mixing this many high-quality ingredients in capsules would require a 6-pill dose…

And “raw dogging” them would be a recipe for taste bud euphoria.

So with the help of a chemist and a master formulator…

I mixed all these ingredients together with the most addictive peach mango flavor you’ll ever find.

(Why peach mango? Don’t ask, it’s an Indian thing.)

And gave it a try the first night I could get my hands on it.

And boy did I regret it.

Because before I had the time to brush my teeth, take a shower, and do my daily reading…

I was drooling on my pillow like a cow.

To say I had the best sleep of my life would be an understatement.

I had the most lucid dreams thanks to deepened REM sleep.

I didn’t wake up ONCE to go pee thanks to the Himalayan salt.

And the best part? I woke up jumping from my bed with a spring in my step…

My captain hard for the first time in forever.

That day, I went to work with an aura I had never tapped into before.

And my team couldn’t help but notice in awe.

Now I’m not your “star sign” poster boy, but that day I believed in the power of energy.

So when my loyal assistant said:

The big man that I am broke down in tears.

Had I been neglecting my team to where they felt I was nonexistent?

Had I shown up so absently in the relationships I cared the most about, just because of something as basic as sleep?

I put my self-pity aside, and realized that if I had struggled with this most simple need…

Then MILLIONS of Americans were still in my exact shoes at this very moment.

That day, I reached out to everyone I possibly could, and asked them to send me the most hopeless of insomniacs they knew.

That was my second regret.

Not that I had offered to help, but that I had done so without first understanding the implications.

The word spread like wildfire and I pushed my team to the brink to keep up with demand.

(Of course, with their leader back they rallied in unity. But still…)

Even with all hands on deck, it still kept selling out.

*show a graph showing 3 rises of sales followed by non existent sales for 2 months at a time*

Setting an unprecedented sales record in the sleep-aid category.

Why? For the simple reason that for the first-time in American history, its people could finally get the sleep they needed…

WITHOUT relying on the same dangerous sleep meds that almost killed me.

All because this natural formula worked at the root cause of insomnia.

I called it TRANSCEND because it helped thousands do just that.

"As a fitness coach of 100s of clients, and COO of a fast-growing company, I NEED to be optimized at all times. I recognize the importance of sleep, but sometimes have trouble with it. That is, until I found Transcend. This has been a staple for my sleep, and I've added it to all of my clients fitness plans as well."

Mark V.

Verified Buyer

"As someone with insomnia, I was honestly quite defeated. I TRIED everything from Ambien to melatonin alone to every sleep supplement out there. Transcend was the only supplement that helped me stay asleep, get a DEEEEEEP restful sleep, and wake up not feeling groggy. Transcend is my go to for life."

Nate B.

Verified Buyer

"From the first time of taking TRANSCEND, I slept through the entire night, undisturbed, for the first time in a LONG time. But what surprised me, even more, was how great I felt when I woke up the next day. I was so energized. And the way it tastes is SO delicious, I wish I could take it during the day.."

Chris B.

Verified Buyer

Transcend your sleep, so you can transcend your life.

By lowering cortisol during the day…

Helping your body naturally produce the right amount of melatonin…

And deepening your REM sleep…

Thousands were finally waking up with more energy than they knew what to do with…

And as a result, were finally able to show up as their highest selves.

You could fix your sleep as soon as this week.

You can get back control over when YOU want to fall asleep.

Wake up feeling rested, energized and excited for the day.

And feel at ease knowing you'll always get the deep restorative sleep your body and brain need to perform at their best.

If you order on this page, not only would you be getting your TRANSCEND in the next 5 days.

You’d also not be giving me your money until 20 days from now.

Because if for whatever reason, it’s not what I said it would be…

Maybe you don’t like how vivid your dreams have become...

Or the fact you can’t resist the peach mango flavor during the day…

Or maybe you just don’t like the fact I’m Indian…

Just DM me one word: “Refund”

And send the unopened bottles back.

Your money will be back in your account, no questions asked.

It’s only fair for asking you to trust a random guy on the internet.

And it’s also what has allowed me to stay in business for the last 7 years.

I truly want you to get your sleep back, so you can show up the way you and your team deserve.

And I want to make it as risk-free as I possibly can.

So go ahead:

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20-Day Money Back Guarantee If First Time Ordering





1,000+ have tried and LOVE TRANSCEND:

As an insomniac, I can't believe this hasn't let me down since...

"For as long as I can remember, I was the poster child for tossing and turning and sleepless nights... but ONE scoop of TRANSCEND before bed, and I'm literally zonked into a deep slumber. 

Most importantly I just feel at 100% every morning now. I'm now relying on LESS caffeine... I no longer take afternoon naps and am actually getting on top of my career again. 

This didn't save my sleep. It saved my life."  

Oliver Z.

The real MVP of sleep aids

I was skeptical at first, but transcend is the real MVP of sleep aids! It's not just about a better night's sleep, it's the whole experience. Like, I’m loving the peach mango flavor, and I wake up so refreshed without the usual sleep aid hangover.  

Holly T.

Finally able to catch some Zs

So I found this sleep-aid, transcend. First of all, the peach mango flavor is a game changer. It's been helping me catch some serious z's and my REM sleep has never been better. Plus, no weird side effects! It's a winner in my book.     

Mark V.

Can't believe this tastes so good

Guys, I'm totally sold on this sleep-aid, transcend. It's not just the deep sleep talking, but that peach mango flavor is something else. I can't believe something that tastes this good has zero side effects. My body clock is now as punctual as a Swiss train.  

Jeremy F.

My dreams are so vivid

Seriously, whoever invented transcend deserves a medal. The peach mango flavor is like a tropical getaway right before bed, and my dreams? Let's just say they've never been more vivid. Side effects? Zero, zip, nada. My REM sleep? Off the charts.  

Wendy A.

I've added this to all my clients' fitness plans...

"As a competitive bodybuilder, fitness coach of 100s of clients, and COO of a fast growing company, I NEED to be optimized at all times. I recognize the importance of sleep, but sometimes have trouble with it. That is, until I found Transcend. 

This has been a staple for my sleep, and I've added it to all of my clients fitness plans as well. You can't go wrong."  

Mark V.

This is my go to for sleep...

"Transcend was INCREDIBLE. As someone with insomnia, I was honestly quite defeated. From Ambien to melatonin alone, to every sleep supplement out there, I TRIED everything. 

Transcend was the only supplement that helped me stay asleep, get a DEEEEEEP restful sleep, and wake up not feeling groggy. 

Sleep medications worked in the short term and did knock me out, but I'd either wake up 3 hours later wired, or wake up in the morning feeling so terrible. Transcend is my go-to for life." 

Naimish T.

Feel the difference or it's free.

If TRANSCEND doesn’t transform your sleep within 20 days of your first purchase, email my head of customer support, Mark Vinch, at support@evolvere.co and we’ll give you a complete refund - no questions asked. 

You can even keep a bottle (limited to one bottle).

A 5-year-old could use TRANSCEND.

Step 1

Take 1 scoop 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Make sure you brush your teeth immediately after as many fall asleep soon after

Step 2

Notice your body gently enter a peaceful state primed for falling asleep

Step 3

Thanks to the ingredients inside, your body will get a much deeper REM sleep phase than usual, allowing you enhanced recovery

Transcend FAQ

For all inquiries, please contact us at support@evolvere.co


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