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Poor sleep lowers calories burnt by 40%!

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Poor sleep makes your bloating, 💩 and 💨 worse!

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Poor sleep = a stressed Karen. Need we say more?

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When your metabolism is slow, so are you!

Falling AND staying asleep has never been easier, thanks
to TRANSCEND's powerful formula!

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Fall asleep peacefully.
Wake up easily.

1 Scoop, 30 minutes before bed =


This is the phase of sleep resposible for memory consolidation and emotional
processing. Heal your trauma's from the
day before.


Transcend has a carefully selected a mix of ingredients that lower cortisol which is
stress hormone, so that your brain can
shut off, and you can drift to sleep.


Creatine & Electrolyte blend helps you recover your body and brain, so you can
feel super charged for your workouts the
next day as well as feel mentally sharp.


Go to sleep feeling happier and healthier.

I was addicted to meds.

Pounding headaches, rebound anxiety, dependence and - in my case - a seizure are all potential side effects of sleep medications. You see, I was prescribed sleep meds.

And while it worked in the beginning, it also lead me down a dark spiral that ended in an ICU.

As a busy business owner, I couldn't keep going this way. I had people to serve. Goals to achieve. Employees to care for.

But I also couldn't afford to be sleep deprived either.

That's why I made TRANSCEND.

So that high-achievers like you and I can finally get the restful sleep we so deeply need.

So we can show up the way our visions need us to.

Because we both know:

Your future self. Your loved ones. Your dreams.

Are all relying on the best version of you showing up every day.

With consistency and relentlessness.

To transcend your life and step into your greatest self, you must first transcend your

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See Why 1,200+ customers trust TRANSCEND

As an insomniac, I can't believe this hasn't let me down since...

"For as long as I can remember, I was the poster child for tossing and turning and sleepless nights... but ONE scoop of TRANSCEND before bed, and I'm literally zonked into a deep slumber.

Most importantly I just feel at 100% every morning now. I'm now relying on LESS caffeine... I no longer take afternoon naps and am actually getting on top of my career again.

This didn't save my sleep. It saved my life."

The real MVP of sleep aids

I was skeptical at first, but transcend is the real MVP of sleep aids! It's not just about a better night's sleep, it's the whole experience. Like, I’m loving the peach mango flavor, and I wake up so refreshed without the usual sleep aid hangover.

Finally able to catch some Zs

So I found this sleep-aid, transcend. First of all, the peach mango flavor is a game changer. It's been helping me catch some serious z's and my REM sleep has never been better. Plus, no weird side effects! It's a winner in my book.

Can't believe this tastes so good

Guys, I'm totally sold on this sleep-aid, transcend. It's not just the deep sleep talking, but that peach mango flavor is something else. I can't believe something that tastes this good has zero side effects. My body clock is now as punctual as a Swiss train.

Feel the difference or it's free

If TRANSCEND doesn’t transform your life or you don’t feel the difference within 20
days of your first purchase, email our head of customer support, Mark Vinch, at and we’ll give you a complete refund - no questions asked.

You can even keep the bottle (limited to one bottle).

Evidence-Based Sleep
Super Ingredients

Maximized for bioavailability. Free from fillers, sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Transcend FAQ

Can this product be taken with Quantumind?

Absolutely all our products are designed to be taken together, Since Quantumind is administered in there morning the ingredients half lives are fully worn off by the time bed time approaches.

Will this product make me fail a drug test?

There are no narcotics in our sleep and nothing in our product could come up as a false positive either.

Is this product habit forming?

Nope, Transcend is a use-as-needed product, there are no ingredients in this product that will form any type of dependency.

Will this product make me groggy in the morning?

The design of the product was to elongate sleep cycles, increasing the amount of REM sleep we get. If a person is only planning on getting a few hours of sleep they may feel groggy due to waking up while being in such a deep sleep.

Why is there creatine in the sleep aid?

There is creatine in Transcend because creatine has lots of nootropic benefits, creatine has been shown to improve cognitive function for those who are sleep-deprived.

Is this made in the USA?

Yes, this product is made in North Carolina, and all ingredients are sourced domestically.

Does this product have any known side effects?

Besides a wonderful night’s sleep, the only side effect we have discovered is grogginess if the person does not get at least 6 hrs of sleep.

Is this product artificially sweetened?

Yes, this product is sweetened with sucralose and natural flavors.

When should it take this product?

This is best consumed 30 minutes to an hour before bed for best results.

Will this product induce sleep walking?

Transcend should not make anyone sleepwalk like other prescription drugs.

Is peach mango the only favor that comes in?

Yes at the moment Peach Mango is the only flavor that Transcend comes in.


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